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helmetted kitty

Avast ye land lovers

Posted on 2008.10.16 at 17:07
Well, I think instead of having some grand reentry to the online world, I'm going to try the "oh just jump in, will ya?" method.  I have been wanting very badly to post more often, so the best way to get back into it is to do it. 

I will inevidibly end up using a bunch of nautical terms that won't be clear to most, so I thought I would post a "nautical term(s) of the day" to inspire me to just write about what's going on.  So here we go.

I went on watch this week for the first time in 2 months, and my last watch was also a 2 month gap, but it was good.  Nothing exploded and once the fuel truck finally showed up, the DOP started without a hitch.  After it all it's a good feeling that I still can do a watch without having to call an engineer down.

Watch:  On this ship there is someone on the bridge, someone at the gangway, and someone in the engine room at all times.  24/7/365.  I am a trained (although not yet certified) engine room watchkeeper.  Doing a watch in the engine room means maintaining and observing all 27 systems that run aboard Logos Hope.  I love it.

DOP:  Diesel Oil Purifier.  This is basically a giant bowl that spins around really really fast and flings all the water and dirt that's mixed in with the fuel that we buy.  It's a key piece of machinery on board any vessel, but is sometimes very troublesome to get started doing it's thing.

Stay tuned for more nautical terms and more adventures of the seagoing me!

helmetted kitty

Hello from Denmark!

Posted on 2008.08.10 at 16:17
Greetings once again from aboard the MV Logos Hope!  We have moved from our berth in Kiel Germany and we are now currently berthed in Koge Denmark!  (There is much debate about the pronunciation of this town: KOOuh/KOOyuh/ and KOO are all currently accepted pronunciations)  We have been here since the middle of June and will be here for the remainder of the project phase.  We sailed from Kiel on May 29th to Landskrona Sweden to install a Generator to replace one of ours that had gone kaput a few years ago.  We cut a hole in the side of the ship, slid the Generator in, and welded the hole shut.  It was quite intense and one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.  I'm continually floored by how many people are involved in this project.  OM celebrated 50 years this past year and the Logos Hop project is the biggest project they have ever embarked on.  It will probably remain so for many years and I am absolutely honored to be a part of it.

As far as life on board goes, the last week in July was a "sabbath week" for all those working on board to have a time of rest and recouporation.  Julyan and Lenna Lidstone from Scotland were here during those days to do some teaching and training times for us.  It was a very nice time for us to have a relaxed week as well as have some extra training.  We will be starting new study tracts next week and I will be in the Scripture Memorization tract.  We will be learning different techniques and applying those techniques with each other and I am looking forward to it.  In more day-to-day news, the Olympics have started and BOY is it different to watch them in an environment and actually KNOW people from most of the countries.  It has definitely changed how I will watch them forever.  From what I've heard though, the Olympics are nothing compared to World Cup Soccer.  I might just plan a visit to the ship during the next world cup just to see it.  :)

My job has actually (and quite dramatically) changed since I wrote last.  I am now a ship's electrician.  We (like most things on board) are in a kind of transitional phase.  There are the jobs that need to be done to keep the ship running: maintenance and routines, repairs, and fire drills.  And there are also the things we are still doing to refit the ship electrically: new distribution boards, new lights, new cabling, as well as altering the new installations that need to be changed for whatever reason.  It's quite challenging at times because it's about 9 miles from what I studied at Auburn and I've had very little other exposure to power electronics.  (But it's incredibly interesting to be working with 800kW (pretty big) generators and busbars with 700kA (REALLY big!) fuses in them!)

By far the most exciting news on board is the upcoming boarding of the new recruits!  There are almost 80 people joining the Logos Hope long term in only a matter of weeks!  It will be an incredible moment to be on the "other side" of things welcoming the new guys as opposed to BEING the new guys.  :)  It will be fun to train people, but it will be very hard work.  We are all looking forward to their arrival, but it means a lot of work and sadly, it also means a lot of people will be gone.  Already it has been an emotional roller coaster of meeting new people and saying goodbye so often, but it is worth it I think.

I thank you all for your contributions, e-mails, and prayers and am looking forward to the next 18 months on board.

In Christ,
Brian Holland

(If anyone is interested, you can always check out the progress and happenings aboard Logos Hope on www.logoshope.org.  Pictures, Webcams, stories, all kinds of good stuff)

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I hope for Logos Hope!

Posted on 2007.12.11 at 20:03
Hey everybody!  Here's a little something to update you on what's coming up next for me and how you can help!

Last summer I heard about a ministry with a group called Operation Mobilisation.  This group owns 3 ocean-going ships that sail around to different port cities and do ministry while in port, stay a few weeks, and then set sail for another port.  Everyone on board the ship all the way up to the captain is volunteer labor and takes part in the ministry and there are about 40 different nations represented on board.  As soon as I heard about this ministry I knew it was for me.  The unexpected, the camaraderie, the ocean, and the dynamic of such an undertaking fill me with an excitement I've never felt before.  If I accomplish the fundraising goal set before me in time I'll be leaving in the middle of January go to Germany where the Logos Hope (the ship I'll be serving on) is currently docked and then, who knows where!

I've used this phrase several times about this trip, but it really expesses how I feel: "Excited" isn't big enough a word.  My growing towards missions started in 2005 when I took the Perspectives On The World Christian Movement and I realized a lot of misconceptions I had about it.  I'd been noodling with the idea of doing something for a year or two after graduation for quite some time and decided to spend last summer doing missions.  I spent 4 weeks in London doing literature distribution to muslims in London.  It was awesome and it was the most alive I've felt in years.  That was when I heard about the ships ministry and have been gearing up to leave this January for many months now.  I'm REALLY pumped about where I might go and who I might meet and what God might teach me.

You can check out their ministry and other stuff at:

However, as I stated earlier I must meet a certain fundraising deadline in order to be approved to leave to board the ship.  If I do not meet this deadline I will have to wait until August to board (one may only join the crew in either Jan or Aug).  Currently I have all my start-up costs met, but what I'm really looking for (and actually desperately in need of) is monthly support.  I have to have donors totaling $887/month and right now I'm at about 66% of that.  If you donate one time, it will be prorated into monthly support ( i.e., $100 donation gets cut into 25 months, $4/month) and is also very much appreciated.  My deadline is this weekend.

If you're interested in knowing more, praying for me, receiving updates, or giving, let me know either by e-mail or phone and I will be in touch, or you can simply donate at www.omusa.org (click on "give online now").  Or if you know of anyone that might be interested in any of those things, forward this on and/or let me know.


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Christ Follower vs. Christian

Posted on 2007.02.14 at 11:38
I'm always the last person to find these kinds of things, but maybe I have something new for you.  Hope you enjoy.

Christ Follower vs. Christian pt 1
Christ Follower vs. Christian pt 2
Christ Follower vs. Christian pt 3
Christ Follower vs. Christian pt 4

In other news, in Auburn this morning it was actually flurrying!  No accumulation, but this far south snow is still snow.  Don't rain on my parade. :P

In travel news this morning, I'll be starting my 31+ hour journey to Thailand before the sun rises again.  I'll be there for about 12 days or so and returning to Auburn March 1.  Pray that our work will be effective, our hearts pure, and our faces towards God's.

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May I have your attention, please.

Posted on 2007.02.07 at 16:25
Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you the future:

"Scientists develop portable generator that turns trash into electricity"

Am I the only one that's reminded of Back to the Future's  "Mr. Fusion"?

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My future thesis

Posted on 2006.12.07 at 18:46
I MUST learn how to write like this before spring.  This is shear genius.  That's got to be like a record for average letters per word without actually saying anything.

(for non-phdcomics readers, the guy in the blue just got "scooped": somebody publishes the same research you're doing, just before you were planning to.)

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I should be coding

Posted on 2006.12.01 at 05:29
Long story short: Check out this guy's page exploring Howard Shore's genious that is the LOTR score. He talks about all the different themes and how they're used.  It takes me back to my grade school days when we used to go see "Peter and the Wolf" by a local symphony.  They would talk about all the different themes that were associated with all the different characters.  Shore does the same thing only there are characters, places, things, even actions that get their own theme.  I wish I could go watch the movie now.

And if anybody just happens to know where I can listen to "Into the West" on command, help a brotha' out, yo.

The long version: I sat listening to Christmas music while coding my final project in Neural Networks, there was this one song that kept coming on that sounded EGGZACTly like the beginning of "Into the West" from LOTR. It kept phsyching me out so much that I tried to find it somewhere and stumbled on this page.

It's been a while. And it's been even LONGER since I gave an even remotely real update of my actual life. The most direct causes of my lack of updating have been A) I stopped doing lj at work and it kind of carried over to all other times B) I haven't really had any real "news" in my life that's cooler than all the other stuff I read C) I got tired of actually understanding all the "you might be addicted to lj if..." and "this would make a great lj entry" jokes.

I hate to break the news though, but I probably won't be seen here much, if at all, during the spring. I'll be taking 2 classes, finishing my research, TAing a class (hopefully), AND writing my thesis. I'll be pretty busy. As if I'm not busy enough. But I'll do my best to keep it from being 6 months between updates.

In all seriousness though, I'm getting pretty excited about being this close to graduating. It's kind of freaky this time. Not so much for undergrad. I guess this time since there's NO WAY I'm doing my PhD it's looming a little more heavily. As far as post-grad thoughts, I'm probably going to be getting a job for a few months and then boarding one of OM's ships (the organisation I went to London with) for 2 years.  It's still not a 'definite' but onlt a 'really-quite-strongly-hoping-to' kind of thing, but I'm pretty much planning on it so far.

As far "the mean time" goes though, I'm MUCH more excited about going to Thailand this coming February.  We'll be encouraging Workers on that side of the planet for 2 weeks.  I get to be the preschool departments Bible story dude.  It's going to be SO much fun I can barely wait.  If you want to help, there are TONS of ways so just let me know.  We need prayer (many odd hours if you're a night owl), gift bag type stuff, and of course cash.  I have been looking forward to this since LAST February, so as you can guess I'm a little excited.  The roughest part will be the travel over there: departing my house around 4am on a Thursday and arriving at our hotel at 3 or 4am on that next SATURDAY!  But it's going to be awesome, I'm so pumped.

This entry has reached a satisfactory length.  I'm out.

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stupid phones

Posted on 2006.10.20 at 15:01
My phone died this morning. It took my phonebook with it. If you ever want me to call again, send me your number via a call/text/IM/e-mail/comment. I hate my dependence on technology.

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Why does England have such better newspapers?

Posted on 2006.10.11 at 05:17

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I hope you all have a sense of humor

Posted on 2006.09.29 at 01:20
Even God enjoys a good laughCollapse )


Brace yourself.....

Posted on 2006.09.18 at 23:49
Everyone in my house, myself included, will be in bed before midnight. 
I think the apocolypse is nigh.

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Thanks a bunch ABET

Posted on 2006.09.15 at 11:11
The program at Auburn I graduated from in May of '05 was so new at the time that it wasn't accredited.  During my first semester in grad school a review team from ABET came and looked at the courses and asked several of the graduates of the program and students currently in the program a bunch of questions.  They recently decided that the program, Bachelor of Wireless Engineering, should be an officially accredited program.

Hooray for degrees that are worth something!

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No lie.

Posted on 2006.09.06 at 11:41
I park accross the street from our local Catholic church and walk into campus. Walking back to the car yesterday there was a guy putting up a sign in their front lawn. Y'know what it said?

Your Mom wants you to come to mass.

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Posted on 2006.09.05 at 12:52
Auburn 40, WSU 14. I have been for a long time, still am, and forever will be, addicted to Auburn football.

For those of you who don't know, pigthatisbig is now one of my roommates. He's funnier than I remember, and if I'm not careful, going to be better at Ultimate Frisbee than I am.

Dane Cook will forever crack me up. I saw a 3 month old episode of The Tonight Show last night with him on it and he didn't even do a routine and he cracked me up.

I was looking through some pictures from London last night and was overwhelmed at how awesome it really was. I can't wait to do anything even remotely like it again.

Guitar Hero (game for PS2) rocks my WOOOOOORLD! I seriously love playing this game. I can't get enough of it. I have yet to stop playing becuase I WANT to stop playing. A friend of mine bought a PS2 solely for the purpose of playing this game and not only do I not blame him one bit, if I had a little bit more disposable income I would SO do the same thing!

So aparently Facebook didn't feel it was trendy enough, so it added a feature where you can import your whole journal in one fell swoop. I'm not sure I'm diggin' it yet, but at least this way I might get to keep up with the silly people who still think myspace is cooler than lj without having to actually get a myspace account.

And even though myself, chippa, murgen, oldschr, furstin, auburn_pc, aucobalt, hcsfc247, calvins84, cranberry727, drewunwired, ibelievenauburn, kadmariposa, kelincihutan, malsmiles, say_what_now, tensor, thenewmily, uruhara, boikim_ms, yhtomit, and wrynjamin are all on facebook, my brother pigthatisbig and my friend lordsmerf refuse to see the wisdom of it.

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